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Group class times and descriptions shift seasonally to meet the needs of our community so not every class described here is offered all of the time. Most classes are suited for multiple levels. Select classes based on what best suits your schedule and then by reading the class descriptions. We also encourage you to check out teacher bios since each teacher brings a unique style and perspective to their class. If you have a question or want help finding a suitable class for you give us a call or email us, we will walk you through the options and explore a weekly schedule. If you are struggling to find a suitable class or aren't ready for a group class, we can chat about alternatives such as Private, Small Group, and Workplace Wellness programs custom tailored to meet your needs.

What is Vinyasa / Flow?

Vinyasa is a flowing yoga practice that focuses on being in the moment by watching and using breath and connecting it to movement. Classes include sun salutations, standing poses, dynamic stretching, and pranayama (breath-work). When students are ready, inversion prep and inversions, arm balance prep and arm balances will be explored within a sequence. A consistent Vinyasa Flow practice can build strength, support balance and weight loss, and reduce stress while increasing vitality. We offer varing levels of Vinyasa.

Yoga Classes


Perfect for those new to yoga or returning to the practice after time away. Each student will be met where they are at in terms of physical ability and experience. Students will learn to observe the breath and develop healthy breathing techniques to use on and off the yoga mat. The class will include a centering exercise, warm up stretches in preparation for a short series of fundamental yoga poses, a cool down portion of class on the floor, and final relaxation.


A step up from our “Basics” class, Level 1 Vinyasa is suitable for students that have an understanding of basic postures and are ready to work on transitions within a flowing sequence. Sun salutations will be broken down and taught in natural progression with fundamental poses. The teacher will offer props and modifications to support correct alignment and ease. Expect a blend of dynamic and static postures.


Recommended for students with a consistent practice, Level 2 Vinyasa includes more complex movements, sequences, and progressions. This is a great opportunity to explore backbends, arm balances, and inversions. Appropriate modifications will be offered as will periods of rest.


The early morning is a perfect time to move the body and focus the mind and breath in preparation for the day. This mixed level class is appropriate for varying levels of the Vinyasa yoga practitioner.


Take a midday break! This shorter mixed-level class (45 minutes) is designed to move the body, breathe deeply, and help you reset for the afternoon.


Class begins with a simple breath observation. Here, students are encouraged to slow down, go inward, and use breath awareness to stay in the present moment as they are guided through a sequence of yoga poses that emphasize healthy alignment and meditative movement. Class concludes with an accessible meditation practice that will enable students to take these tools and incorporate them into their everyday routines. Reiki (energy healing) is woven into this class for those students who wish to receive. The poses themselves help the student open up to the Reiki for deep relaxation, stress release, and prompting natural balance of mind & body.


Appropriate for those with at least six months of regular practice and who are comfortable with sun salutations and transitions. Students will practice dynamic Vinyasa sequences that build heat and increase strength and mobility. Expect to be challenged with postures that recruit the deep core muscles. Come and cultivate your inner power!


Appropriate for all levels. Restorative yoga uses props to support the body in passive postures that are held for longer periods of time. This is taught with the intention of soothing the nervous system and practicing relaxation. The body will often respond with decreased heart rate and blood pressure and increased mental clarity.


Appropriate for all levels. Students will learn to observe and deepen breath while holding passive postures for several minutes at a time. Yin yoga focuses on joint health in the lower body (hips and pelvis) by releasing connective tissue and increasing circulation.


This yoga class provides a safe, effective, compassionate and non-competitive environment that is accessible to all, including those new to yoga, students with movement limitations, recovering from injury or illness, as well as students looking for a minimalistic and more meditative experience. Practiced primarily in seated, kneeling, prone and supine positions, students will be lead through a gentle postures with appropriate prop use and increased emphasis on breath, equal strengthening and stretching, flexibility and repairing muscles that are in need of love. Expect to work but at a low-intensity level.


Our Prenatal Yoga classes create community and sacred space for women to share the intense physical and mental changes that accompany pregnancy. Expectant mothers are guided through movements that open and strengthen, alleviating pregnancy-related discomfort and preparing the body and mind for childbirth. Breathing exercises help to calm mom-to-be while providing healthy oxygen for baby. A regular practice of movement with breath creates harmony of mind and body that can enhance the childbirth and post natal experience. Prenatal yoga is appropriate for expectant mothers at all stages of pregnancy, however it is recommended that you confirm with your medical professional prior to class.


Postnatal yoga classes are a great way to get back into shape without needing a babysitter and it’s fun for your baby too! It is an opportunity to get out of the house, connect with other moms in the neighborhood, and to bond with your baby in a social setting. Practice poses that involve and entertain your baby while taking time for yourself to stretch, strengthen, heal and reconnect to your own body. The class is sensitive to postpartum bodies and not overly strenuous but we recommend midwife or doctor approval to practice yoga postpartum.


Classes for this group of creative and playful beings are centered around games, stories, and imagination. Kids will learn simple poses and sequences in a fun and exploratory way, encouraging them to be comfortable in their bodies while increasing self awareness and confidence. Poses are taught in an animated way that challenges the body physically and the mind to be still and focus. The practice of yoga at any age can enhance coordination and balance as well as strength and flexibility. This is a great was to introduce the health benefits of yoga to kids and can be a nice supplement to sports and other activities.


Classes are taught in typical sequence beginning with centering and breath awareness, warm ups, and then moving into a standing sequence that teaches and challenges balance, coordination and focus. The practice will increase strength and flexibility and help to develop comfort in and acceptance of growing and changing bodies. Breath techniques will be introduced along with examples of their use to encourage awareness and to regulate reactions in heightened emotional states. The class is designed to create and enhance a healthy mind body connection and to provide students with some tools that will help them relieve stress as well as stimulate focus, clarity, and creativity. Yoga classes for teens can be especially helpful with connections and relationships at school and at home.


Yoga is a wonderful activity for parents and children regardless of age, although we do recommend that little ones are walking! Poses that build strength, balance, flexibility and confidence are introduced through games and stories. Partner poses that encourage playfulness and connection are explored. Short guided breathing and relaxation techniques are used to help parents and children stay present, aware and calm. This is a 45 minute class.

Bowspring Classes


The Bowspring practice is based on a a healthy postural alignment that is taught and emphasized through a sequence of poses. Based on a curvy, dynamic, and open posture aligning the body in a position of readiness, Bowspring teaches us to tap into our strength inside and out. Practicing it helps us to discover unhelpful postural patterns while learning a new, more natural alignment that makes movement lighter and more powerful. The Bowspring as a postural template can be applied to any yoga pose, athletic movement, or functional posture for optimal performance. It can be applied to your everyday activities and can be practiced by people of all ages. We encourage you to explore Foundations of Healthy Posture which teaches you the basic elements of the Bowspring practice as a precursor to this class.


Not your average yoga class! This class is designed to teach people a healthy postural alignment system for sitting, standing, walking running, and more. People who have foot, knee, hip, back or neck pain will learn how their posture could be contributing to the discomfort. Optimal alignment is explored through therapeutic shapes and movement and as new healthy habits are introduced, old unhealthy postural habits reveal themselves and fade away. This is a great class for all levels, ages, shapes and sizes.

Fitness Classes


This hybrid pairing of yoga and barre will have you flowing through vinyasa sequences designed to warm and tone the body, combined with a whole body barre work out that ends with a peaceful savasana.

+ Total Body Resistance Band Workout

This is a 45 minute fitness class using mini bands and body weight exercises that will get your heart rate up and your body toned. This class is accessible for all levels and will help to build onto your Bowspring or Vinyasa Practice.