Yoga at Viva Prana

We offer a wide variety of classes at Viva Prana to support our students at different levels of practice and their changing needs. You will find classes to help you stretch and relax and you will also find classes that will energize and make you sweat. All classes emphasize breath and alignment, and conclude with relaxation.

Each of our teachers brings their own unique history and style to their classes. We encourage you to check out teacher bios to get a better sense of what to expect from class with a particular teacher. If you need help finding a suitable class for you please call or email us, we would be happy to help. We also offer Private or Small Group and Corporate Wellness sessions custom tailored to meet your specific needs.

The Bowspring Practice

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The Bowspring Practice facilitates a reconnection of mind to body through the mindful exploration of the body's natural posture and rhythms. The focus of the practice is on returning to a posture of healthy spinal alignment and in the process of rediscovering what is healthy, unhealthy patterns and habits are revealed. Since the focus is returning to what is natural, anyone can practice Bowspring. It can be healing, strengthening, and opening all at the same time. The practice has therapeutic applications for recovery or relief from various aches and pains associated with aging and a sedentary lifestyle. The practice can also serve as an effective supplement to sports, fitness, and training programs. Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the Bowspring Practice is that once learned, it can be applied to any daily activity such as walking, sitting, standing and running.

Students of the Bowspring can experience healing in a range of ways including alleviation of pain and discomfort from old injuries or surgeries, decreased lower back and hip pain, as well as an overall enhanced mobility, desire and ability to move dynamically. These healing benefits are a result of a practice that focuses on putting the body in a healthy postural shape and strengthening the postural muscles by moving in various ways while maintaining that healthy postural shape. Finding the healthy S curve shape of the spine, and moving dynamically without losing that shape creates a balanced tone in the body because the body is being engaged as a whole system. With a regular practice the body heals, gains strength, flexibility and mobility, and the mind becomes more clear and calm.

The practice begins with an overview of the the basic architectural elements of a healthy posture which is an S shaped curve in the spine rather than the more common and heavier C shaped spine that's a result of sitting or standing with the shoulders rolled foreword and a collapse in the chest. Once the healthy alternative is introduced and practiced, it is normal for the student to feel awkward in the shape at first. The knees are slightly bent, avoiding unnecessary strain on the joints, the hips and pubic bone are drawing back while the rib cage moves forward of the hips and is circumferentially expanded. The practice then moves mindfully through a variety of fluid poses while regularly revisiting the original shape within each pose as well as in transition between the poses. Maintaining this new shape while balancing, aligning and moving in and out of poses can be challenging and takes focus, commitment and work. The Bowspring student eventually learns to move the whole body by engaging the natural springs and taps into a strength and lightness that makes movement feel agile and free.

The committed Bowspring students comes away with a new awareness of the openness and agility of the body when used in proper alignment. The practice promotes a feeling of bounciness and spaciousness in the body and in the mind as well because of the sharpened mental focus that is engaged during the challenging moments of practice. There's a lightness, a freedom, and a sense of confidence and playfulness after a Bowspring practice and an openness to what is to come, whatever that may be.

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