Intuitive Eating + Mindful Movement

with Kathleen Farrell

SUNDAY, March 31, 3:00-5:30 PM 

investment: Pre-Registration:$45; Drop-In: $50


In our pursuit of perfect health through clean eating, diet crazes, and extreme workout routines we’re actually creating more problems. We’ve lost the connection with our bodies and with food. We get stuck in the cycle of being ‘on’ or ‘off’ with our health. And it may seem counterintuitive that with all the work we’re doing we’re seeing the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve: body preoccupation, unhealthy relationship with food, unintended weight fluctuations, stress, fatigue, exhaustion.

Intuitive Eating brings you back to you. It is ‘a personal process of honoring your health by paying attention to the messages of your body and meeting your physical and emotional needs’ – The Intuitive Eating Workbook. Only YOU are the expert of your own body. During the workshop Krista will guide you through Intuitive Eating a variety of workbook exercises to strengthen your connection for how to eat intuitively.

The second part of the workshop, Kat will teach a combination of meditation and movement flow to deepen our mind-body awareness. You don't need to work out harder, it's about learning to move smarter. Kat will lead the group through a series of movements, mini meditations, and share her favorite emotion regulation tips.

Together we will explore ways to tune into our physical and emotional body to make peace with food. We will discover how hormone imbalances can lead to stress, and show case effective ways to clear confusion and create space for achieving our health goals by mindfully taking the time to connect with ourselves each day intuitively.

* We will provide little goodie bag of recipes, meditations, and take home workout.

Intuitive Eating + Mindful Movement


Sunday, March 31 – 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM