Demystifying Props & Incorporating Them Into Your Yoga Practice

with Alex RIEWER

Saturday, October 20 – 2:00pM - 4:00pM

investment: $30


“The birth of ‘props’ became a valuable gem of inspiration to do and stay longer.”

- B.K.S. Iyengar


Students often times don’t know how to use the props or are shy in a class where others may not use them. There are also many creative ways to use props in yoga postures that experienced students and teachers are not aware of. We shouldn’t shy away from using props, but instead we should embrace them for their ability to allow everyone to feel postures the right way, properly aligned, and for longer.


The workshop begins with a discussion on the history and use of props, followed by a 90 minute practice where we will use the props in several different poses. This workshop is intended for students who would like to learn how to use props in yoga poses and gain confidence incorporating props into their practice without the instruction of the teacher. Additionally, this workshop is for teachers and experienced students who are interested in learning how they can incorporate props in class in creative ways. Yoga is for everyone!  


Alex is a teaching apprentice with Iyengar master yoga teacher Gabriel Halpern at the Yoga Circle.

Demystifying Props & Incorporating Them Into Your Yoga Practice


Saturday, October 20 – 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM