Our Classes

Whether you want to improve your flexibility and cardiovascular health or you seek a heightened state of peace and awareness, we invite you to attend a class, all of which aim to connect you to yourself, the moment, and a powerful tradition.  

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Massage & Wellness

Viva Prana is dedicated to helping you lead a healthy and fulfilled life. We offer massage and other holistic treatments to heal, relax, and balance. Our licensed massage therapists and holistic service providers work with you to understand and address your specific needs.


Our Teachers

Our teachers are approachable, knowledgable, and diverse in their teaching styles and interests.  With a passion for yoga and the desire to share the healing practice with others, our teachers work to meet the needs of every student wherever they are on their yoga journey. There will be times when you will be inspired to delve deeper and others when you'll be encouraged to let go, often within the same class and with gentle reminders to be present and compassionate toward your self.