Wellness at work

Americans spend an average of 8 hours a day at work. Whether the job entails sitting at a desk for most of the day or requires long stretches of time on your feet, you may notice your body complaining by the end of the day if not throughout it. Since there is a strong connection between mind and body, the way you feel physically at work will impact you mentally and vice versa. Physical discomfort can lead to restlessness and fatigue, influencing work performance and what you take home with you. In the same respect, mental tension caused by work stress can be stored in the body and eventually lead to illness, sometimes even disease. We have practices and techniques that will give you the tools to cope with both the physical as well as the mental demands at work and they are simple to implement.

With healthy practices in the workplace, you increase productivity, lower absenteeism, decrease employee benefit costs, and increase your desirability to potential employees. Yoga is a simple and cost effective way to promote physical activity and improve mental health, and demonstrates leadership in making employee wellness a priority in your business.

Our mission

Our intention is to reduce stress in the workplace and inspire people to be happier, healthier, more focused and present at work and at home. We want to make yoga practices accessible to everyone whether at work, home or commuting.

Our values

  • Yoga, Bowspring & Wellness are for everyone

  • Love what you do

  • Live with intention


Onsite classes

Let us bring yoga, Bowspring and wellness to you!  All you have to do is provide the space, show up, and breathe. We'll move furniture if necessary, customize a class to suit your group and offer a range of levels within each class.  

Offsite classes

Let us host your offsite at our studio in the Goose Island / Lincoln Park area. We'll customize a class to suit your group and offer a range of levels within each class.  


Whether you are in the middle of a restructure, integration or you simply want to build team strength and cohesion, we can cater a program for your organization whatever the industry. To explore a onsite, offsite classes or workshops please contact us with questions and availability.


For reservations or information:

Please call the studio with any questions or to book a Workplace Wellness or Massage sessions with us, or click below to fill out the request form. We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry.