Awareness and self care are critical to living a healthy and balanced life. Modern day living, especially in a fast paced urban setting can be overstimulating which means we have to work even harder to stay in the present and to unwind. We are committed to helping you to be your optimal self. We invite you to simply show up and we'll teach you practices to use on and off your mat, that will facilitate healing, change, and growth. What we offer beyond classes and treatments, is a welcoming environment where you can drop your outer armor and find peace.

The Viva Prana staff brings various disciplines to our community, we are compassionate people humbly seeking balance and fulfillment in our own lives and we are deeply moved to help others do the same. We practice what we teach, we love learning from and teaching each other, and are always open to new methods and approaches because we want to be knowledgable and offer you the best.

What people are saying

  • "Everyone had a wonderful time and I greatly appreciate you guys accommodating us. The only feedback I have is that it was great! The whole process was well-organized and the teacher really took into consideration the limited experience of some of our group as well as my requests for a more athletic class." - Jessica C.
  • "I can't say enough great things about Viva Prana and highly recommend it for anyone already practicing yoga or want to start. First of all, it is such a welcoming, kind environment where everyone is extremely nice and there to help you meet your goals. It isn't pretentious or intimidating whatsoever like other yoga studios can be and they offer a wide variety of classes to try. So far I've worked with two instructors and both have been so wonderful to work with and extremely supportive. They have even added massage now to their offerings! Finally, I love how willing and open they are to feedback and continuing to make it a great place to go. I truly love it here!” - Courtney R.  
  • "As a yoga newbie, I was a bit afraid to participate in an official yoga class. But the staff at Viva Prana have been very welcoming and very supportive when it comes to learning proper technique, feeling at home and working on my zen. I especially liked Whitney's class on Saturday, she has a masterful way of guiding newbies like me through a yoga class. Afterwards I really felt at peace, centered, and excited to attend another class. It removed all the skepticism I had about yoga because it made me feel comfortable, while also meeting my personal expectations and needs without feeling judged.” - Rafael G.  
  • "I have been to many other yoga studios in the Chicago area and nothing compares to the warm welcome and instant connection to a yoga community I received from Viva Prana! All employees and especially the owner are very down to earth and sensitive to my individual needs. I always leave the studio feeling refreshed and ready to continue my day or week with more clarity and focus.” - KC W.    
  • "I've been going to this studio for a little over a week now and have been resisting the temptation to shine upon it since day one. The energy of the space, the dedication of the instructors, and heart of Viva Prana's intention is palpable within each class. As a recent transplant to the city I feel fortunate to have found this studio so early on in my new life here, as it gives me the opportunity to connect with others and explore my practice in a safe place. Moreover, these lessons can be challenging in the best of ways. Per class each instructor brings their own strengths to the studio, each fine tuned in their technique and equally devoted to your own progression: verbal and hands-on adjustments, anatomically focused on safety, and well stocked with props if the occasion calls for them. Between active flows, restorative sessions, and meditative introspective respites from this windy town, I am grateful for the warm welcome Viva Prana has shown me and eagerly anticipate my next class.” - Megan S.
  • "I love the warm, welcoming energy at Viva Prana and the variety of classes that are available, from vinyasa to bowspring, to restorative. As someone that does other bootcamp style strength training classes, coming to VivaPrana helps me to balance out and stretch sore muscles. They also have great workshops. The studio itself is in a great location and has a very personal, friendly vibe, thanks to the owner, Marta, and the teachers who make time to talk to students before and after class.” - Ami A.
  • "In my experience Viva Prana yoga studio exemplifies the heart of yoga by providing a supportive environment to meet yourself daily on the mat. Depending on your personal goals you can choose to advance your yoga boundaries or stay closer to the midline and feel the benefits of moving and breathing in community. The owner, Marta G., sets the tone for all levels of students to welcome their practice, wherever they are. Once you take a few classes there, it quickly begins to feel like home.” - Virginia P.
  • "I rarely write reviews, but I just had such a wonderful experience at Viva Prana that I had to share! I took the Post-Natal Baby Yoga class on Sunday and loved every minute of it. The studio itself is lovely and inviting and I felt comfortable the minute I walked in. I will definitely be back not only for more of yoga with baby, but also for myself. Great location, easy parking, warm and knowledgeable teachers. Can't wait to go back!” - Hillary M.
  • "Everyone had a wonderful time and I greatly appreciate you guys accommodating us. The only feedback I have is that it was great! The whole process was well-organized and the teacher really took into consideration the limited experience of some of our group as well as my requests for a more athletic class." - Jessica C.
  • “It has been my pleasure and privilege to train, to study, to become committed to the practices offered by Marta Granat at her yoga studio, Viva Prana. I found this studio a year ago and now consider it one of my important spiritual homes. The physical and holistic methods of the Bowspring practice have helped me recognize and modify physical habits and have greatly increased my physical awareness and stamina. Marta is a compassionate, highly knowledgeable teacher and guide and I always leave with new knowledge and a refreshed spirit. Thank you, Marta and staff.” - Jeff G.