“The one thing that is constant is change” – The Greek Philosopher Heraclitus

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Change is an inevitable and important part of life. It represents progress, growth and can help get us “unstuck”.  Change can be natural, positive and exciting but it can also be really uncomfortable, especially when unexpected or unwanted. Whether planned or abrupt, we enter unchartered territory, where feelings of fear and uncertainty arise making us want to speed up the process of change. We feel urgency to “push through”, in attempt to avoid the thoughts and feelings that accompany transition. Some of us engage in unhealthy coping mechanisms that dull or distract us from feeling at all. What we don’t realize is the significance of this process, and the importance of cultivating awareness especially in transition.

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This winter the Viva Prana community faced an unexpected change that launched us into uncertainty about our future and our physical space . It was scary not knowing where we would go, if we would have to shut our doors and if so, for how long. At times I wondered if there would even be a community at all by the time we sorted out the answers and had to consider letting it all go, but didn’t and neither did any of you. 

The intention was set and answers began to present themselves.  A dream team of individuals worked unbelievably hard to move the studio and support the transition in every way. It was through this challenging process, that we worked together to create the vision that the studio space represents today, a warm place where our community is dedicated to supporting you in your radiant growth…of mind, body, heart and soul.

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We’ve added new teachers, classes, and now offer massage services by appointment to our growing community. Check out our Mindful Living Series, join the discussion April 8th for this month’s topic on Transition (surprise!). Check back regularly as offerings grow and change and as always, please let us know how to enhance your experience at Viva Prana.


With Gratitude,


Marta Granat, RYT, MSW

Studio Owner & Teacher

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