Springing into Mindful May

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Spring has arrived and there is no other season quite like it with the impact it has on the mood and senses. When the allergy veil lifts, the miracle of rebirth can be seen everywhere, even in the most dreary of places. Life remerges in the form of budding trees, green grass, and daffodils, windows are flung open, skin is exposed to the light of day, and there is a sense of hope that the bite of winter is behind us.  

I love the fact that seasonal climate dwellers welcome spring with such unbridled enthusiasm that some will toss on shorts at 50 degree temps and act like it’s in the 70’s. Once we have thawed out we completely forget that there was a winter at all or that it will descend upon us again. We are truly in the moment.  

We slow down and pay full attention to the changes all around us. Some of us walk or sit with more awareness of this great universe and our place in it. A gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun's rays, or the sweet smell of our favorite spring blossom may trigger nostalgic thoughts, feelings, and sensations. And for some of us welcoming a new season can be hard, as life transitions or loss may have touched us since spring last sprung. This may stir up difficult feelings as we integrate a changed version of ourselves into the familiar scenery.  

Whatever the emergence of this spring elicits or represents for you, be it longer and warmer days to come or something more personally significant, find time to pause and to observe what comes up. Greet the thoughts with a smile or a tear but instead of getting too wrapped up in the story you tell yourself, take a deep cleansing breath and let it go, let it ride out on the spring breeze.  

At Viva Prana we are celebrating the onset of spring with the intention to be more mindful and less judgmental, in the way that we see ourselves and interact with others. We'll experience changing scenery with heads up and eyes wide open, we may even be more mindful about the way we eat, talk, think, sit, walk, and run.  

This month we are thrilled to be hosting Susan Schroeder who is visiting from Denver May 4-7 offering workshops focused on finding and embracing the peace within us while exploring the dynamic and healing movements of the Bowspring practice. I hope you are able to share space with Susan for one or more of the workshops. We are also excited to add meditation classes to our schedule, beginning with an Introduction to Meditation Workshop (date and time tbd). And of course in honor of moms, look out for special Mother’s Day classes over the weekend of May 12th.  

We love to hear from our community so your questions, suggestions and feedback are always welcome.  

With Gratitude, 

Marta Granat – Owner, Viva Prana

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