Student Spotlight: Jeff Wolin

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Jeff is known by many in our community for his warmth, intellect and dedication to his practice. We honor Jeff for the commitment that he has made to himself, his practice and his community.

– Marta Granat, Owner & Katelyn Stephens, Studio Manager

Name: Jeff Wolin

Hometown: Hewlett, New York

Horoscope Sign: Pisces

Favorite Restaurant: Trattoria Ultimo

Favorite Movie: Casablanca

Favorite Landmark: Chicago skyline

Favorite Travel Destination: Paris

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What brought you to yoga?

Back pain

What brought you to Viva Prana?

I love this studio and all the people involved in it. It has a strong sense of community. I first started attending Viva Prana about 5 years ago when it was called Village Yoga. I was brand new to yoga and loved the instructors and the chill vibe of the studio, which has been a constant.

What is your favorite yoga pose (and why)?

I love cat/cow because it feels so great to stretch out my sore back. (I also love supported bridge for the same reason!)

What are the benefits you have experienced from a regular yoga practice?

In addition to helping me manage my back pain, yoga is great for helping me relax (I’m a pretty solid Type A personality so I need that). I went from a casual yoga practitioner to a committed one about 2 ½ years ago on the advice of my cardiologist. I have an irregular heartbeat (AFib) and neither medication nor ablations helped me control it. My partner (and sometime Viva Prana yogi), Carol, ran across Yoga My Heart, a website devoted to medical research on the benefits of regular yoga practice for controlling AFib.  My cardiologist told me to practice yoga 3 times a week--to treat it as my job. Within a month, my AFib was controlled and has basically stayed controlled ever since.

What advice you would give someone just starting yoga?

There are so many studios providing so many different approaches to this ancient practice. Find a yoga studio that helps you achieve your goals. Try a few classes and if you don’t get what you need try another studio. And find the instructors within that studio who can help you achieve your goals.

What is your favorite after-yoga activity?

Divvying home (weather permitting). It’s a generally peaceful, pleasant way to wind down and enjoy that feeling of post-yoga bliss.

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List 3 fun facts we don’t know about you:

  1. I’m a retired Professor of Photography from Indiana University’s School of Art, Architecture & Design. I traveled to Chicago from Bloomington for 30 years for professional reasons (my gallery, Catherine Edelman Gallery, is here and I’ve worked with Chicago museums on exhibitions of my work). I fell in love with Chicago and moved up here part-time for a few years before finally making Chicago my permanent home.

  2. I’m an unrepentant foodie and frequenter of farmers markets year-round.

  3. I get to go to rap shows because my son, Ben, makes videos and does background visuals for rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Drake and G-eazy!

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