Viva Prana is a community of teachers and students, healers and seekers. We offer tools to help you reconnect to your best self and support along the way.

Begin a yoga journey at Viva Prana, deepen your practice, stay for a massage, cupping, Reiki or try somehting new! We are excited to be able to offer bowspring classes focused on healthy posture through exploration of movement and discovery of old habits. We offer workshops, trainings, and opportunities to join discussions on topics around mind body health. Whatever your stage of life and mind/body health journey, we will meet you there and help you find balance.

Our group yoga and bowspring classes weave breath awareness and self compassion into an alignment based practice designed to keep you present. What you'll practice on your mat you will learn to apply to your daily life, creating sustainable healthy habits. Our teachers are approachable, they emphasize safety and comfort for each student individually. As an alternative to public group classes, we offer private or small group sessions.

Sign up for a postural alignment assessment with a knowledgeable teacher who will help you become aware of postural habits that could be causing discomfort or lack of mobility. You will receive immediate helpful feedback to apply to daily functional movement.

We are now offering massage services, cupping and Reiki by appointment and continue to expand our selection of holistic treatments aimed to help you relax, heal, and sustain optimal health.



We offer a classes to support various stages of practice. You will find classes to help you stretch and relax and  classes that will energize and make you sweat. Classes follow a similar arc and share an emphasis on breath, alignment, awareness and self compassion. Classes end with a short relaxation to allow the body to absorb the benefits.  


The Bowspring Method is based on a postural alignment system, explored through slow movements and poses. Bowspring is a curvy, dynamic, and natural posture that teaches us to be in a position of readiness. Practicing it raises our awareness of unhelpful postural habits and teaches us to reprogram back to a natural shape with freedom and strength. As a postural template, Bowspring can be applied to yoga, athletic movement, and is especially relevant in our daily activities. It's a healing and sustainable practice for all ages. We are honored to offer it and encourage you to start with a Foundations for Healthy Posture class.   

Pre & Postnatal

Our Pre & Postnatal Yoga classes are for all stages of the magnificent process. They bring women together in a peaceful space to practice centering, breathing techniques, and trimester appropriate movement in preparation for labor and delivery and the changes that follow. Women are encouraged to explore and when comfortable share the physical and mental changes of pregnancy and beyond, offering support to each other and creating a sense of community. 

Private Sessions

One on one sessions are a nice way to begin or deepen your practice of Bowspring or yoga. The small ratio allows us to address your unique needs – physical, mental, and sometimes emotional and spiritual. It's great for those who don't like a class setting, class times are not convenient, beginners, those healing from injuries, or if you are concerned about the pace of a class. Sessions can take place in our studio, your home, or office.

Small Group Sessions

Small Group instruction is a great option for friends, families, corporate clients, special events, or private parties. Sessions can take place in our studio, your home, or office.

Corporate Wellness

We help people open to their full potential as accountable leaders and to find balance in their lives.  We do this by teaching people to become more self aware through participation in group classes where people will learn a physical practice that emphasizes a dynamic healthy posture of confidence, openness, and readiness.  The practice helps to reveal old postural habits that cause pain and interfere with focus and well being as new healthy habits are established. A 6 module online course  is used to teach awareness in a different format, bringing clarity to personal obstacles in the mind that impact the ability to communicate and lead effectively. We feel that personal growth and development is  key to success and well being.  

Massage & Wellness

We want to help people lead healthy and more fulfilling lives on every level. We offer massage, cupping, Reiki, and other holistic treatments to heal, relax, and prevent.  Our licensed massage therapists and holistic service providers will work with you to understand and address your specific needs.

Teacher Training

Our 200-Hour teacher training program is offered with the intention of training  students to deepen their practice, increase self awareness, and to both learn and understand about yoga, it's rich history and how it has evolved . The program is designed to provide trainees with knowledge, experience, practical skills, resources, community, and ongoing support.    


Expand and deepen your practice by joining us for our fun, challenging and enlightening workshops led by Viva Prana's staff, visiting teachers and other leaders from our worldwide yoga, Bowspring & wellness community.